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Just say goodbye to mosquito biting by switching on Lakshmi mosquito nets. Start everyday with fresh air. Mosquito net that can be folded away and washed easily unlike a conventional mosquito nets. These mosquito nets are an excellent solution for windows where traditional insect screens to hard to fix, but our mosquito nets are custom made to fit any size of windows and are simple to maintain.

They are flexible and can be installed easily on the windows and provide protection against insects and mosquitoes. One is to have a parallel with decreasing power of mosquito repellent, mats and coils in driving off the mosquitoes from home. The best alternative is to prevent them from entering homes. This can be done by either keeping the windows shut or by using mosquito nets on windows will allow fresh air to come in aid at the same keep the mosquitoes out.

The prices will vary based the type of materials used and the number of windows that need to be covered with mosquito nets. No side effects from chemicals used in the coils or mats. Avoid skin problems like skin cancer, asthma, sinus problems, lungs problems etc.. The ultimate device to fight the mosquito menace.